About Our Nursery

Our nursery is open year-round. The trees in our outdoor garden/gallery and in our greenhouses range from specimen bonsai over one hundred years old to young trees created by American and international artists to pre-bonsai ready for styling. 
Our extensive inventory of pots, tools, books, soil, fertilizers and accessories provides all you could need to further your hobby.
 We offer classes for the beginner to the advanced student of the art, and throughout the year you’re invited to join us for Open Houses, free lecture/demos, sales and garden tours.

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Cold Hardy Trees

In Japan all bonsai are grown outdoors, therefore cold hardy trees are considered traditional bonsai, and we have grown them for over thirty-five years.

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Tropical Trees

Bonsai West is a pioneer in developing indoor bonsai. 
Traditionally, in Japan, bonsai are only grown outdoors, but because of Americans’ strong interest in growing house plants, indoor bonsai are the inevitable next step in horticulture. 
We are specialists in growing trees that will do well in your home.

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The pot your bonsai is planted in is almost as important as the tree itself; it’s an essential component of the trinity of Pot, Trunk and Foliage that makes up your bonsai.

Pots come in a huge variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, and we have a greenhouse dedicated just to them! You will find pots glazed and unglazed, terra cotta and mica, by potters from around the world including American artisans.

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Tools & Supplies

Just as in any profession, there is “the right tool for the right job”. The very basic bonsai needs could range from just a simple pair of scissors to a whole tool kit, including a variety of wire, but you will also want to consider more specialized tools: shears, concave cutters, wire cutters, and root rakes.

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Nursery Map

Need a guide to finding your own way around the different parts of our garden and nursery? Click below to a printable map of our facility, and come enjoy your discoveries!

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Aerial view of Bonsai West