Class Schedule

Introduction to Bonsai


Intro to Bonsai

Learn the basics of the art of bonsai! In this class you will pick from a selection of Procumbens Juniper or Tropical Cherry pre-bonsai, then learn how to pot, prune, and care for your new tree. Juniper falls under the “cold-hardy” category of bonsai, meaning that these trees cannot live inside the home. They stay outside during Spring, Summer, and Fall, and go into dormancy from November to April. The Brush Cherry is a tropical tree and must live inside your home during the colder months of Fall and Winter. They will thrive outside during the warmer months in Spring and Summer (mid-May to mid-September).

Includes all supplies needed to participate in the class.
Cost: $90.00

No events at this time.

Beginners Workshop


Beginners Workshop

Bring one of your own bonsai trees with you to this class and get started on a project with an instructor! We can teach you how to re-pot, prune, wire, and style your tree, plus provide any additional information you need to take care of your Bonsai. In workshops each student will be at different stages in their bonsai journey, so it is a wonderful opportunity to learn from not only your instructor but from each other. 

Use of our tools, soil, and wire are included in the price of the Workshop.
Cost: $75.00

No events at this time.

Intermediate Workshop


The Workshop

Bring your own bonsai and learn how to develop it through the seasons and years with Zuma! The Intermediate Workshop is for students who wish to reach that next level in the art of bonsai. Every student participating in workshops are at different places in their bonsai journey. This enables you to learn not just from our instructor, but from other students as well!

Use of soil, soil mixes, and tools are provided, but students are encouraged to purchase their own.

Prerequisite of one or more of our Introduction to Bonsai Classes.
Cost: $135.00

Intermediate Workshop – December 10, 2021 5:00 pm - 8:00 pm (1 openings)
Intermediate Workshop – January 14, 2022 5:00 pm - 8:00 pm (4 openings)
Intermediate Workshop – February 11, 2022 5:00 pm - 8:00 pm (4 openings)

Private Bonsai Lessons with Michael or Zuma


Private Lessons

One-hour segments.
Come prepared with a challenging project. Students should consult with an associate about detailed goals and restyling projects before class so during the workshop we could maximize productivity. We are happy to work on any species of tree as long as the timing is right. Looking forward to working with you!

Materials not provided
Challenging projects and transformations
Cost: $125/hr

This class is ongoing. Email ( or call us (978-486-3556) to set up a date and time.