The School of Bonsai

The School of Bonsai West
Taught by Zuma Fleischmann

bright red bougainvillea flowers
The School of Bonsai West is a hands-on, intensive study program dedicated to deepening the craft and art of bonsai. Using the Bonsai West Collection and students’ trees, we will practice horticulture and design theory, cultivating a deep understanding of bonsai across many species. The School’s curriculum is designed to be a three-year Masterclass, meeting once per month for the duration of the course. An optional directed study is available for students who would like to continue their studies after completing Year 3. Emphasis is placed on gaining an understanding of every principle of growing excellence.

The School meets once every month: 6 Weekend All-Day Seminars and 6 Weekday Evening Guided Workshops. See Year 1 schedule for more details.

Seminar (full-day)
The Seminar covers changing seasonal care, potting, and planning for and implementing specialized design. Each student will be dedicated to creating their own specimen Shimpaku Juniper. Developing the Shimpaku will guide every aspect of bonsai care throughout the year.

Workshop (half-day)
The Workshop is an opportunity for students to work directly with Zuma. Bringing their own trees for study, students will document and develop their trees to elevate their personal bonsai collection.