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We’d like to share with you some of the many video clips, magazine articles and other write-ups on our nursery that have appeared locally and nationally over the years. We’ve enjoyed browsing through them and hope you will too!

A Selection of Video Clips

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This Old House
April 2015, Season 13
The Bonsai Effect
A short film by
Christopher Maloney
Littleton Access
(Interview by a local TV station)

The Buzz

Bonsai Bark: An American Classic
Here’s what Michael Levin, owner of Bonsai West and long time bonsai enthusiast, artist and entrepreneur wrote about this spectacular tree . . .

Boston Globe Magazine
“A nursery with an impressive collection of Bonsai trees styled by American, Japanese, Korean and Chinese Bonsai artists”

Worcester Living Magazine (from an interview with Michael Levin)
“Bonsai keeps you connected to the natural world. It’s something you can do for your whole life – and you’ll get better the longer you keep at it”

The Boston Globe
“At Bonsai West, it’s the little things that matter”

Boston Magazine
“BONSAI! Boston has always been known for BoSox and baked beans, but thanks to [Bonsai West founder and proprietor] Michael Levin, it may now be known for Bonsai. . . .”

The Boston Globe (from an interview with Michael Levin)
“There’s something profoundly peaceful about sharing your life with a tree,” Levin says. “This is the pinnacle of horticulture: You’re creating beauty, and it’s never finished.”

Boston Museum of Science Magazine
Artist Statement by Michael Levin, Founder, Bonsai West:

For me, Bonsai is not just an Asian art form. It’s a spiritual connection to trees, their health, vigor, power, grace, and, yes, magic. I am overwhelmed and humbled that while these old, well-loved trees need my daily attention for their survival, they will also outlive me and be passed down to another generation of caregivers. Decisions about pruning and styling are done over years, not days. This has taught me great patience.

I have had the opportunity to share this ancient art with others through my garden and my teaching. Bonsai West has become a bridge between the first generation of Japanese-Americans and a new, rapidly growing generation of bonsai artists. I hope that through this exhibit someone will be struck by the power of these trees as I was 30 years ago, when I saw my first bonsai.

Boston Museum of Science Magazine Boston Museum of Science Magazine

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